This can’t be the new normal, something has to give.

This can’t be the new normal, something has to give.

The McNeil Liberals are the only ones in Nova Scotia that don’t see there’s an escalating crisis in Nova Scotia. Instead of fixing frontline care for patients, they just keep making things worse with bad administrative changes that only hurt workers.

And while they’re in denial, we’re all at risk:

  • Increased ER closures
  • 100,000 people without a family doctor
  • a shortage of long term care beds for seniors
  • lack of mental health services and long waits for help
  • not enough health care staff so staff are stretched too thin, overworked, not able to take breaks or book time off.

Frontline health care workers are raising the alarm that care is at a breaking point, and patients are being put at risk. They’re doing their best to give patients safe care, but short-staffing is starting to make that impossible.

Every day brings news of another Nova Scotian who has been hurt by a health care system that’s in chaos.

The McNeil government needs to support the people who are holding this broken system together, and get serious about health care.

Let’s send the McNeil Liberals a message they can’t ignore – share your health care crisis story below.

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93% of nurses say staff shortages are putting patients at risk.
Long waits. Short-staffing. Closed and crowded ERs.
69% of nurses have witnessed a "near miss" at work due to staff shortages.
Due to overcrowding patients are being treated in TV rooms.

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NSGEU Nurses’ Safety Survey Results

Earlier this month, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) issued an employee work-life survey, only to pull it offline shortly after it was sent to employees. In response to this, and as a result of the troubling reports we have been hearing from our frontline nursing members, the NSGEU launched its own member survey.

The survey was sent to all signed NSGEU nurses (3,147 members), and we received 1,009 responses in return (32% response rate). Members were given more than 10 days to complete the survey. The results were extremely alarming:


  • 93% of nurses surveyed say they believe patients are being put at risk due to working short;
  • And in the past six months, 69% of respondents say they have witnessed or been involved in a “near miss” or adverse event at work.

read more…

2019/2020 Provincial Budget “Epic Disappointment”

Premier Stephen McNeil has once again delivered a budget that is pennywise, but pound foolish, as his government fails, once again to invest in essential resources to support our frontline healthcare workers and social workers.

“This budget is an epic disappointment,” said NSGEU President Jason MacLean.

“This government has tunnel vision, and is only able to focus on one thing: balancing the budget. They don’t seem to care that sick, injured and vulnerable Nova Scotians are suffering as a result.”

While they re-announced a few new seats to train doctors at Dalhousie, today’s budget announcement simply repeated funding promises that have already been made for infrastructure for facilities and long-term care beds in Cape Breton. read more…

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